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Your membership in the SWF ensures the continuation of local and provincial programs such as: 

Habitat Trust
Youth & Adult Outdoor Education
Fisheries & Wildlife Enhancement
Henry Kelsey Big Game Records
Provincial Angling Records

As an SWF member you will receive:
  • A comprehensive insurance package including $5,000,000 excess liability insurance and $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance while engaged in wildlife related activities; and $25,000 Search & Rescue Coverage
  • $500,000 US Liability Coverage - Defense expense included
  • $2,500 Lyme Disease Coverage
  • Access to SWF Habitat Trust Lands
  • Regular members will receive "Outdoor Canada West" Magazine bi-monthly.
  • Eligible entry into Henry Kelsey Big Game and Provincial Angling Records
The SWF insurance does not cover wildlife collisions.
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